Code of Conduct

Oxbow Public School Code of Conduct

Success:     Success is a collective effort at Oxbow that permits students to achieve their personal best at school and beyond

Through:    Through cooperation, all staff, students, parents/guardians and the Oxbow community will abide by the Code of Conduct.

Accepting: Accepting others and ourselves promotes individuality and celebrates differences.

Responsibility: Responsibility is taking ownership for the choices we make and the actions we take.

Expectations of the Oxbow School Community Are...


  • make learning a first priority
  • be courteous and respectful to peers, staff, volunteers and visitors
  • be on time and prepared for class
  • enter and exit the school at the designated time in a quiet, orderly manner to ensure their own safety and that of others
  • use appropriate language, both in the school and on school property
  • use the computer/PDAs/Internet in a safe and responsible manner for educational purposes        
  • comply with the TVDSB dress guidelines
  • be responsible for the proper care of all books, computer equipment, musical instruments, supplies, furniture, playground equipment and the building
  • treat other living things and the environment as a whole with care and respect
  • behave in a safe and peaceful manner at all times
  • do your best
  • ride the school bus in a safe and orderly manner
  • not use any electronic devices (i.e. iPod, cell phones etc.) during school hours – If applicable:  “Bring your own device contract” is signed and submitted to your teacher
  • familiarize oneself with and follow school Code of Conduct and classroom rules